Who We Are?

We wanted weddings to look different from one another to reflect
the personality of the host. Our vision then and still pertaining is to
host the kind of events the unfold under the warmth of the sun, shaded
by the canopy of our well-tended trees and a space that is free from any
kind of rigidity to allow love and laughter to flow easily.

We started in 2020, the proverbial year, but before the year went by; we
wanted to live our dream because if we learnt anything in 2020 then it
was that life is short, unexpected and it is best to give everything to
one’s vision before time slips by. So, Wonderland Farms was born purely
because our team was brave enough to dream and execute. We went forward
with only one idea in mind, to develop a space that allows custom decor
and food that would leave our guests happy and fulfilled.

What started as a place for weddings has soon become a popular choice
for pre-wedding parties, birthday parties, corporate events, private
parties, intimate dinners and our romantic surroundings are now wining
the hearts of the millenials and becoming a place for proposals,
celebration of new beginnings and now for almost a decade has stood as a
choice for photo shoots, private and commercial.

Wonderland Farms was branched out from Wonderland Parks, as a labor of
love. Our team is constantly giddy over being a part of your happy
memories either through our park or via celebrating your most intimate
events. So come along, allow us to create a space for you that is as
stunning as you can envision and where laughter is a free flowing river.


Team Wonderland Farms