Wonderland Farms aims to be one stop place for all your Wedding requirements. We want you to feel like hosting a destination wedding within your own city. Your comfort and your guests enjoyable experience is our utmost priority.

Please find the following pointers to see all the services we provide.

Get in touch for any further queries.

  • Transport

    For your guests to reach timely and safely is important. We provide to and from transport service from the Wedding Venue to the hotel.

  • Hotel Booking

    For your out of city guests, we provide a tie up service with Hotel for a comfortable stay.

  • Entertainment / D.J.

    Entertainment and DJ are the most crucial part of a party. We provide contacts to some of the best DJs of the nation.

  • Live Singers

    To set the lounge and chill mood, live singers are the best. Get in touch to know the contacts we provide.

  • Bar Tenders

    The Bar is so important to a Wedding and trained Bar Tenders are an important part of a Wedding party. We provide professional Bar Tenders for all your Bar needs.

  • Liquor Procurement

    From getting the Excise License, to providing liquor, we do it all for you. Please get in touch for the same.

  • Add On Counters

    Stalls and add on food counters are a part of the Wedding Entertainment. Get in touch to know the counters we provide.

  • Bouncers

    Your safety is our utmost priority. Get in touch to know the security options we provide.

  • Valet Parking

    We make parking easy so that your Guests experience the Royal service from the very beginning.