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The most popular venue with our Wedding Clients. This is one of our biggest venue, given the capacity. The space allows us to play with indoor and outdoor elements. Our checkered floors in the Banquet and wooden panels mixed with the beauty of the lawn’s green expanse, state luxury in every way truly possible.

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Installed to cater to indoor parties so that no climate uncertainty can dampen an event. We put our heart into creating events for our clients and the German Hanger gives us ample space to play with customizable decor and developing the coziest parties in the middle of North Indian Winter.

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Water Park

With four pools at play, we offer our clients a space for Beach like parties right in Punjab. One of our most popular sites to celebrate new beginnings and we have to say, we understand. The sound of water and the ambience extends this space the kind of poetic appeal that we have only imagined in our minds till today.

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With the lake and the waterfall as its backdrop, this space offers of our most scenic venue. The joined canopy of trees leading to this venue, render it a magical appeal right from the entrance. We suggest, stand in the centre and allow the sound of waterfall wash over you and you’ll fall in love with this area instantly.

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Thatched Huts, a pool and an expanse of lush green space; we are redefining subtle luxury with our new venue. Many of our clients have found this venue, worthy enough to read their vows or to have an intimate dinner. What started as a project to add more green spaces to our venues has ultimately become a place of love and new beginnings.

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Custom wedding menus
Personalised decor


Wonderland Farms offer different sites to design our clients event. Varying on capacity sizes, practical needs and natural views; we envision our clients lounging under our carefully tended trees or by our water bodies. We believe in transporting you away from the mundane to something magical and out of the ordinary.

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  • We had our Wedding at Wonderland Farms and couldn’t be happier. The service, the ambience and the decor was exquisite. We got so many compliments and our guests went home happy.

    - Sandeep Singh 12/12/2022
  • Wonderland Farms is one of the best destination for Wedding. The one on one consultation for decor makes everything easier. They listened to what we needed and delivered the same. Thank you, Team Wonderland.

    - Tajinder Singh 8/12/2022
  • The staff at Wonderland Farms is very helpful. Our Reception cake arrived damaged and the Wonderland Team immediately stepped in and helped us arrange another cake within 20 minutes! The efficiency and dedication of their service is unmatched.

    - Arjun Sehgal 5/12/2022
  • We wanted an outdoor Wedding and our wedding at Wonderland Farms was so pretty. Our pictures are breath-taking, we would forever cherish these memories.

    - Kamini Sehgal 29/11 2022
  • Our daughter’s first birthday was celebrated at Wonderland Farms. We gave her a farm themed party because she’s obsessed with animals. The party was so cute and she was so happy. There’s no better place for children than Wonderland.

    - Naresh Narula 20/11/2022
  • The new Banquet at Wonderland Farms is stunning. Our day wedding was done at the new Banquet and it was gorgeous. The service, food, decor everything was A+. Thank you.

    - Raghav Khanna 19/11/2022
  • The best part about the Wonderland team is that they always serve with a smile on their face and tried to accommodate all our requests. They made our wedding experience flawless and stress free.

    - Aanchal Sharma 18/11/2022
  • My daughter saw the Wonderland Farms Instagram page and said she wanted her wedding there and we were so happy with the choice. Her wedding was beautiful and a royal wedding.

    - Aarti Sehgal 10/11/2022
  • I had my Mehendi at the Water Park location and it was like we were in Goa. My friend and I had so much fun. Thank you for giving me a destination location right at home.

    - Karan Bhalla 5/11/2022
  • Wonderland Farms, best place in Jalandhar. Best team, best food, best location. The team is very polite. Love you Wonderland Farms.

    - Aswini Dutt 3/11/2022
  • I proposed to my now wife at Wonderland Farms. The team was prompt in providing all that I asked for and they gave us a dream set-up. I did not have to stress about the planning as the team took care of it all.

    - Gurnam Singh 22/10/2022
  • The greenery at Wonderland Farms instantly makes it look regal and with efficient service, our wedding easily became the best our guests have experienced yet.

    - Tarun Chadha 18/10/2022
  • My wedding was exactly how I pictured it would be, all thanks to Wonderland Farms. I’ve heard some of the terrible experiences my friends have had with Marriage Palaces but we were very lucky to have found a place that listened to us and provided us with everything and more. Thank you for going above and beyond.

    - Tajinder Narula 14/10/2022
  • The decor at Wonderland Farms is so dreamy. It was like we were in a fairy tale. Thank you for making us feel like a King and a Queen.

    - kiran 9/10/2022
  • We had a summer wedding at Wonderland Farms and we’re naturally worried about the hot weather. But with coolers, shade and standing ACs; the team made the wedding an enjoyable experience. The best part it was all done beautifully and efficiently. Our guests can’t stop talking about how beautiful our wedding was!

    - Sonam 2/10/2022